...doing something rather than nothing.

By Silence & Light

When met with an obstacle, I tend to quickly assess, formulate a plan, then take action. One of the things I think I’m really good at doing is figuring out a “plan B” and moving forward. Many times, I see people getting stuck in the “planning” phase and they cobble together the ideal plan, only to be thrown another curve ball and then that “quick assessment” turns into another planning exercise. Ultimately, nothing gets accomplished.

When the Covid 19 pandemic hit, Silence & Light was in the process of lining up shows for the spring and summer to take our album (and some newer material) out to perform in a live setting. We performed at a private event in November 2019 and people seemed to really dig our energy, stage presence, and material. We were excited to expand upon that.

Given the current state of affairs, we met with an obstacle and rather than fumble around to figure out things not within our control, we elected to continue the writing process so that we’re ready to record our second album this year. I have to say, we’re VERY excited about the new material. It’s more aggressive, it’s got all of the key elements that we love in a good song, and ultimately we’re doing something rather than nothing. This is who we are as people and as a band. We’re psyched! Keep safe and see you guys real soon!



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