"We've Made Our Choice"

By Silence & Light

When this corona situation hit, it spoiled plans not only our band but everyone in the music industry. Moreover, it changed everyone’s life across the world in one way or another. That said, I’ve not felt uneasy about any of it in regards to S&L because one thing we excel at as a band is the ability to adapt and overcome, as corny as that sounds. That became a part of each one of us individually throughout our career. And it pays off here. We are still motivated, focused, and I think this second album we are writing will be killer. This pandemic will impact, in my opinion, the music itself that we create. Being able to pull something artistic from this situation is silver lining in a sense. 
Is this ideal? Absolutely not. But so what. It’s temporary and it’s the hand that was dealt so we can either bitch about it or find ways to move forward towards our objective. I see a lot of wasted energy online with people bad mouthing political figures and decision makers in regards to this situation. I think it would be incredible what could be accomplished if that energy were refocused by people to do something positive for world, or even just something creative for themselves. I feel for everyone hit hard by this. But there’s still some amount of control they have in how they come out on the other side. That goes for this band as well, and we’ve made our choice. 



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  • You guys all see the bigger picture and understand what real sacrifice is. Keep on keeping on amd we’ll all be heRe waiting for killer tunes. Thank

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  • Never has there been more pArtisan fingerpointing or Political grandstanding. Politics is now a profession rather than a public service. We must focus on righting the course before the republic falls.

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