You Are Here. Pay attention.

By Tyson Stahl

Welcome to our page.  This will be just one more way to keep you posted on the latest news and information.  Stay tuned to all of our channels for some updates about the release of our first 2 singles coming NEXT WEEK.  There will be a special pre-release exclusive with our first track with some great friends of ours, so keep your ears to the ground for more information.  Thanks to everyone for hanging with us the last 2's here - WE are here - and YOU are here with us.  Love to you all.


  • How can i buy or access your music if i dont have Apple music? Thanks!

    Jan Jacobs on

  • Been waiting for this to hit the shelves! got my swag on order now ready for the new tunes! congrats fellas!!!

    Joseph Stuart Conlin on

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