About Us

Formed in May of 2017 in New York City, Silence & Light draws from their musical pasts and their experiences as U.S. Special Operations veterans and set out to create music that would raise awareness about the myriad issues facing veterans of the Global War on Terror and civil first responders, and to create a mechanism to support organizations that support those individuals in times of need.  We are a modern hard rock band whose sole purpose is to inspire the people of the world who have endured the thrills of great success and high achievement and the lows of life's hardships and struggles to channel their energy into creating something positive and meaningful.  

In January 2019, Silence & Light recorded their debut EP at Stagg Street Studios in Van Nuys, California under the direction of Grammy Award-winning Producer, Josh Gudwin, and Studio Engineer Bil Lane.  Silence & Light is committed to contributing profits from its music sales to numerous Charitable Organizations designed to help support the members and families of the Special Operations community, as well as first responders.  In keeping with our mission, proceeds from music sales for our first album will be contributed to Warriors Heart and the Marine Raider Foundation

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